Cancellations and Refunds Policy reserves the right to decline to process your visa application for any reasons, including but not limited to an incomplete application, insufficient processing time, or unusual circumstances. In such cases, a full refund of the Service Fee will be given.

For any reason you wish to cancel your application before you make your payment of the Service Fee, you can do so without any charge and penalty even in case you do not inform us.

For any reason you wish to cancel your application before we start to process the service, you can do so without any charge or penalty applied. If so, it is required to send an official cancellation request in written format (email/letter) to your Visa is issued and sent to your registered email address.  In such a case, a full refund will be given.

For any reason you wish to cancel your application after the your visa has been sent to your registered email address via our system, no refund will be given and the service will be completed automatically.

No refund will be given once your Visa Approval Letter was approved by the Vietnam Immigration Department and was delivered to you via your registered email address/phone number.

In case you cannot receive your Visa Approval Letter on time for any reasons, please immediately contact us via email Failure to do so also results in no refund.

We are not responsible for any loss/delay caused by technical errors; wrong email address or information provided by applicant without noticing us in advance.

No cancellation and no refund will be made in case you decline to get your Visa Approval Letter containing incorrect details caused by your mistakes. We strongly recommend you to check your Visa Approval Letter against your passport and personal information right after receiving and before your flight.

The Service Fee will be refunded fully if your Visa application is declined by the Vietnam Immigration Department unless such decline is due to your fault (your failure to inform us of any of your conviction by Immigration Office).

Should there is any mistake(s) created by on your Approval Letter during the issuing process and you inform us at least 01 working day before your arrival date, Vietnam-Visa shall re-obtain a new Approval Letter following your original application details for you without any surcharge(s) and refund 100% of the Service Fee of your application. In addition to that, we commit to provide a One Month Single Entry Vietnam Visa-On-Arrival for one applicant of your next application without the Service Fee applied or a free of charge Transport Transfer on your departure at the end of your trip.

For any reason, if you cancel/delay/change any details of your trip to Vietnam including but no limited as your routines, your staying duration, date of arrival/departure, method of entrant to how the issued Visa Approval Letter is no longer applicable for your new plan, no cancellation and no refund will be given. In this case, it is suggested to apply a new visa application with a new Service Fee applied respectively to our quoted fee(s).

The refund will be made on every Thursday. In case it falls on our recognized public holidays (Tet, Independence Day, etc.), the refund will be made in the following working day. However, it may take you from 7 – 10 working days to receive your money, depending on your Bank/Financial Institution’s working process. Any fee charged by your Bank or Financial Institution associated with the refund shall be on your account, regardless what payment method you have used. shall be responsible for the fees charged by our Bank/Financial Institution for the refund.

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