Urgent Tourist Visa

Half Business Day Processing

What is an Urgent Tourist visa?​

Last-minute emergency Vietnam visas, also known as Urgent Tourist Visas, enables visitors to obtain a tourist visa FAST – within the day and take pleasure in their time in Vietnam.

Regular visa applications usually take 5-7 business days or more which is not an option if you are requiring to travel to Vietnam immediately.

Express Vietnam can guarantee you a fast and secure way of obtaining your urgent tourist visa to enter Vietnam within half a day. Get started by reaching out to us via WhatsApp and our team will do everything in our power to get your visa processed so you won’t have to miss your flight.

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Processing Time​

*Visa valid for up to 30 days.
  • Processing takes up to half a business day
  • Per Person
$250 USD

Applying for an Express or Urgent Tourist Visa?

Messaging us is the quickest way to find out how quickly you can obtain a tourist visa. Our visa consultants will confirm if and how your Express or Urgent application can be processed within the time frames required for you to get your visa before entering Vietnam.

How to Apply For Urgent Tourist Visa​

Complete an application

Contact us directly via WhatsApp to find out if your visa can be processed by the time you need it. Filling out the application form will help our visa experts quickly process your request.

Gather important documents

Prepare the following documents, then upload their copies on our online portal to submit them: scanned passport copy, expected arrival date, entry port and application payment details.

Application validation and confirmation

Our Visa Expert will stay in touch with you throughout the whole process. They will track your application status with Immigration and deliver your approved Express tourist visa straight to you via email.

We can help with your Urgent visa.

This urgent service is available during weekdays only.
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